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Palm Planting


We sell premium Palm trees and plant them beautifully in your preferred spaces.  

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Your Palm trees will be professionally planted and are coated with our proprietary trunk strengthening, organic, bug-resistant coating to increase their longevity, strength and health.  Beautiful Resort style Palms will improve the value of your property adding distiguished beauty.  Property values have shown statistically to increase 17% to 29% when high quality trees are pruned, fertilized and maintained to optimal health.  Pruning, installation, fertilization and maintenance must be professional to ensure the health and beauty of your tree.  This is why the installation and maintenance of high quality trees on your property is such an important investment.

Our Palms are cold hardy.  We hand pick every tree we plant from our partner grower's nursery. 

We fertilize your palms bi-monthly plant food specifically formulated for palms.  


During our consultation we’ll furnish you with marker flags for each tree and plant we will be installing in your yard. Based on the design, we simply place the flags where we decide each tree is best suited to go. After that, relax and our experienced crews will plant all of your new trees exactly where we’ve placed each flag! Our professional planting includes all digging, planting, mulch and everything we plant is guaranteed to grow!