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Planting Tips




Hire Resort Style Palms and get on our maintenance and pruning program.  Fertilizer accelerates nature's recovery process by increasing the uptake and retention of nutrients and micronutrients. It also helps stimulate the growth of root hairs, new stems, fronds, leaves and foliage, creating a beautiful and healthy Palm.

Late Fall / Winter / early spring is an excellent time to start fertilizing, and should continue throughout the year. Fertilizing will help all your trees and plants, even those that may show no visible signs of stress but that had a tough time making it through the season.  Our fertilizer contains the micro & macro nutrients palm trees need to recover from the winter and regain their strength for the hot humid summer.

What should I plant?

For formal plantings, place Resort Style Palms in rows of same height specimens. For semi-formal or natural effect, plant in groups of 3 or 5 of varying height. Resort Style Palms provide excellent shade, with practically no litter with our maintenance program, enhancing the tropical appeal of the area, especially around pools. We have a wide variety of sizes of Resort Style Palms available at our partner nurseries with 8 farms and can mix or match heights for any size job, delivered and planted straight to your location. Have one of our designers out to see how Resort Style Palms can increase both the curb appeal and value of your home or resort...

Do not plant palms outdoors in a site that is directly under power lines or other structures. 



Hire Resort Style Palms for our maintenance and pruning program to maintain the beauty of your Palms for years.


Tell-tale signs of a dead tree or plant are:

  • No visible green in any trunk or branch
  • No sign of any new growth in the coming weeks (the plant maintains or degrades in shape/color)
  • Keep an eye on your tree in the coming weeks. If wilted leaves do not drop on their own that's a sign the tree will not push new growth, and will need to be removed and stumps ground out.



We’ll help you choose the best Palms based on the size, style you’re looking for, and will be able to recommend cold-hardy varieties that will suit your specific needs.


We hand select the exact trees that we will be bringing to your property for professional installation! Our staff will help you choose each tree for your landscape. We will maintain perfect care after planting with our ongoing palm tree maintenance plan.


During our consultation we’ll furnish you with marker flags for each tree and plant we will be installing in your yard. Based on the design, we simply place the flags where we decide each tree is best suited to go. After that, relax and our experienced crews will plant all of your new trees exactly where we’ve placed each flag! Our professional planting includes all digging, planting, mulch and everything we plant is guaranteed to grow!


Our follow up maintenance program consists of pruning, fertilizing, mulching, and application of our proprietary trunk-strengthening, organic, bug-resistant coating.  Our experts will come to your home or resort and provide you with a plan of action.  We are expert in assessing the best planting spots.



Are the trees and palms at your home or resort looking unhealthy?  Professional grade and grower proven, our fertilizers are specifically designed to give your trees and palms everything they need to thrive. Our expert deep root fertilization will spring your trees and Palms back to life.



We've planted 1000's of trees and know the ins and outs of the local variety of Palm tree's growth patterns, hardiness and root system. This knowledge gives us a distinct advantage over other palm tree planters, tree care and tree removal services and we do it more efficiently and in the absolute safest way possible.  

Don't put your life at risk! Pruning of large branches is difficult and hazardous work and should be done only by people who are trained and experienced in such work. The many large, broken and hanging limbs from trees are extremely dangerous. Please be very careful when near or under a damaged tree. Even branches that appear to be well wedged in the crown can fall at any time, resulting in serious bodily injury and property damage. Please do not climb trees without special equipment and do not go near any tree that is in contact with power lines or you may be electrocuted.



Tree trimming and pruning is vital to the long-term life of your tree. Our experts will make the necessary cuts to keep your tree healthy and looking great. Professionally applied trunk strengthening, organic, bug-resistant coating and trimmed trees are also less likely to be damaged by storms or various insects.

No one can beat our quality one year guaranteed!