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Neighbors Noticed

review by Mary Wilcox on 8/31/2017

While returning from walking the dog yesterday, I noticed neighbors gathered around our newly planted palms.  As I approached them, they commented on how nice the palms make our street look.  What a good feeling.  Great work!


I find their prices to be competitive

review by Isaac Stewart on 8/18/2017

Christian has always done a wonderful job for me.  They have taken down some very large trees near my house.  I find their prices to be competitive, and there is never confusion about what the final bill will be--it is what they say it will be.  I highly recommend them.


My palms look awesome!

review by Jessica Gebhardt on 8/7/2017

Christian is an articulate artist with a flair for palms & customer service.  The palms that Resort Style Palms planted look beautiful.


Incredible response to our tree emergency   

review by Jacob Barnes on 8/1/2017

A tree fell onto our house.  Christian arranged for the tree to be removed on the next business day.  Very pleased.  Couldn't have asked for a better outcome.


Resort Style Palms are exactly as described   

review by Evan on 7/28/2017

So, it goes without saying that I love my new landscape.  They look perfect!  My design came out just as Christian explained.  Janet, his assistant, is wonderful to deal with.  Thanks so much.


Exactly as described   

review by Dave Pane on 7/22/2017

Pruned exactly as Christian described in his consultation with my wife and me.  Our tree looks wonderful.  Christian has an eye for detail which shows in his work.  When I can afford more pruning, I will hire again.


Extremely satisfied   

review by Michael Dresden on 7/16/2017

Extremely satisfied with the service provdied by Hazardous Tree Removals, from the office staff coordinating, the crew sent out to remove our three huge dead oak trees, to the final clean up.  We have had other tree companies before and never have I had a more professional, courteous and accomodating work crew.  Hats off to Mr. Ray for having such great employees.


Trees look beautiful and crew was great   

review by Steve DeRyder on 7/16/2017

It looks amazing and great crew.  Thank you so much.  Highly recommended.


I have already recommended you to a friend   

review by Jeremy Moore on 5/22/2017

I received my first compliment as soon as I pulled in my driveway.  Very helpful and prompt with answering my questions and concerns.  The Sabal Palms leave a fresh polished impression.  I have already recommended you to a friend.


Palms look healthy   

review by Finn Deen on 5/18/2017

So far so good!  Palms look healthy.  We had bad luck with another company we hired a few years ago and are much happier about these guys' work.


Palms perfect in every way!

review by Vicky Osborne on 8/20/2017

Palms Perfect in every way! Details are amazing! We could never have asked for better! The communication with Janet was phenomenal. Doing business was easy. Will hire Resort Style Palms again!


Thrilled with the outcome!

review by John Kay on 8/15/2017

The palms planted were exactly as described and look perfect. Christian was happy to accommodate our tight timeline and we are thrilled with the outcome!


Really adds a classy touch. 

review by Jay White on 7/29/2017

Christian's work looks fantastic and really adds a classy touch to our property. Resort Style Palms is great! Our conversation over the design was excellent. When I emailed additional questions, they were prompt in getting back with me.


Professional arborist   

review by Paul Franks on 7/27/2017

I contacted Resort Style palms & Hazardous Tree Removals to remove three large dead trees from our property. My initial call was answered promptly and professionally by Janet who set up an appointment and followed up with timely reminders.  I was met at the property by Christian, a professional arborist, who assessed my tree needs and offered me his professional advice. They took down the trees and did an excellent job grinding out the stumps & a good clean up job.  I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who needs a timely professional job done by a polite and friendly crew.


This is top quality from an Impressive Local Company! 

review by JD. Haynes on 7/15/2017

Resort Style Palms are a top-quality company! The attention to detail is fantastic. Our palms are much more unique than I expected!  Thank you!!


Owner was very informative 

review by Joe Dean  on 7/8/2017

Owner Mr. Ray is very informative, responsive, and courteous throughout the process. Work was done promptly.  Highly recommend this company!


Exactly what I was after! 

review by Luke Bradly on 6/15/2017

This is exactly what I was after!  Looks very impressive.  Very pleased with Resort Style palms.


Not the cheapest for sure but there is a huge difference in the WOW factor. 

review by Robert J Williams on 6/2/2017

Wow, just got home from work and can't believe how great they look; professional all the way around.  When my wife and I researched Resort Style Palms we noticed there are some other sellers with cheaper palms.  I bought one of these cheaper versions last fall (from a different nursery.) This palm has since died. Hence this purchase. The difference in the look of Resort Style Palms trees is huge. The unique cut and style, professional and worth every penny. Therefore, I am leaving this review & recommending Resort Style Palms.


It was my husband's surprise birthday gift and he loves them 

review by Sue Smith on 5/5/2017

It was my husband's surprise birthday gift and he loves the beach. Resort Palms created an oasis in our backyard. I wanted my husband to feel like he was at the ocean. Our tropical looking palms create that atmosphere. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you, Christian & Allison!


A long term relationship 

review by  Hailey Scott  on 5/1/2017

After careful consideration we picked Resort Style palms & Hazardous Tree Removals.  Christian Ray, the owner, came out for the consultation and gave us a comprehensive plan for the trees in our yard.  They were patient with all of our questions, and took the time to explain what work needed to be done right away, what work might need to be done in the next ten years, and even pointed what work we could easily do ourselves. The price quoted wasn't the best (it was close), but the overall value of using their service seemed far above the others.  There was a small hiccup in scheduling, however once that was resolved, their crew came out and did an excellent job, working quickly and acting professionally. After receiving multiple estimates from various companies, Resort Style Palms & Hazardous Tree Removals was the clear choice, and I have recommended their service to multiple neighbors.


Really happy with our windmill palm 

review by Jason Jones on 5/8/2017

Really happy with our new windmill palm. Just as described. This was a custom landscape job. Really responsive and helpful. Would happily hire them in the future.


Such a Beautiful Sable Palm 

review by Jerry Butler on 5/2/2017

I looked around for a while for a quality Sable Palmetto for my property and could not find anyone else that had such beautiful Sables. Their customer service person Janet was helpful & friendly.  Will recommend Christian & his crew.


I ended up ordering 2 Windmill palms 

review by Elam on 6/28/2017

 They were quick to respond and plant.  Exactly as pictured and obviously well taken care of.  I liked it so much I ended up ordering 2 windmills. Janet has been a delight to work with. Fast response and excellent customer service. When I need another palm, they will be who I call.  


A crew arrived the same day to cut the tree   

review by Evan Marks on 6/14/2017

We had a large, 100-year-old oak tree fall in our front yard, blocking our driveway and part of the street. I spoke to Christian Ray and the company was very responsive. A crew arrived the same day to cut the tree. The following day, they hauled away the wood and ground the stump. The crew was neat and efficient. Their price was fair given the size of the tree and the professional service we received. We've already recommended them to a neighbor and would hire them again.



review by Virginia Goss on 5/1/2017

This is INCREDIBLE!  I am so impressed with the beauty of these palms. The unusual cut and design style is very impressive. I've been looking for palms like this for such a long time.  Other companies didn't offer the size and custom look (Cigar Cut) I was after. This is absolutely a fantastic company!


Done correctly, safely 

review by George White on 6/7/2017

After suffering from making a poor decision with another tree company, I was snakebit on tree companies in general. There are some reputable ones in town, however, and if you are reading this review, you've found an independent reviewer who wasn't paid for this review and endorses this company 100%.

You can go with a fly by night, or a small fry, but if you really want it done correctly, safely, and for a fair price with everything you need done and nothing you don't want done, then you've found the right company. From Janet in the office to Christian in the field, the service and communication was prompt, effective and priced incredibly fairly for the services rendered.

A great company- they will get all my future business!


Christian is very professional   

review by Cathy Albert on 7/7/2017

 We decided on Hazardous Tree Removals after getting 5 quotes. They were in the High to mid range of the quotes. Christian is very professional, low key, and did not try to up-sell us on additional unnecessary work, which we appreciated.


Entire crew was excellent   

review by Robert Pearson on 7/1/2017

We had 2 huge pine trees, one dead and one dangerously leaning, that needed to be removed. Christian was prompt and efficient throughout the entire process, from giving us a  Tree Removal quote to grinding the stumps. The actual work was seamless, quick, and clean. The entire crew was excellent. Also, the ladies in the office were wonderful in providing information and following up with details and scheduling.

We highly recommend and will use them again.



They listened to my concerns  

review by Oscar Lawrence on 6/15/2017

Like many, I shopped around when getting a quote for my tree pruning, but it had to be relatively fast as it was starting to hug my house. Mr. Rays quote was not the lowest, however they explained everything they were going to do, and why. They listened to my concerns about the tree itself, and left me feeling very confident in my choice. They had to reschedule a few times due to circumstances beyond their control, but when the work was done, it was done FAST. In and out in no time and they did exactly what was promised. My tree looks so much better, is no longer hugging my house, and I am quite happy.


Personable & Professional   

review by Marcel Ingram on 10/30/2016

Our house was in need of tree removal after the hurricane hit.  I saw their truck and trailer and the crew working across the street and called and spoke with Allison. She was so personable & professional.  I knew I wanted their company to do the work at our house after meeting with her husband Christian. Your crane operator and tree staff was great and did a wonderful job. I will refer you to others in the pine lakes who are in need of tree work! Thanks



review by Mike R on 5/27/2017

Awesome.  They offered some great advice on how to create a cool look for best effect.


No damage, great service, reasonable price  

review by Anita Smith on 5/13/2017

Had 2 70' Pines (20" diameter) leaning against our roof after the storm.

Very narrow space, limited access. Hazardous Tree Removals used a crane to lift the trees off my house. No damage, great service, reasonable price.

Easy, and pleasant to deal with.

Westbury, NY 11590