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There’s only one reasonable way to permanently remove tree stumps

– use a Stump Grinder

It’s not easy to do properly and it’s dangerous when done by someone without the right training and protective gear.

But when done by professional like us, grinding will completely eliminate those unsightly tree stumps & blown over root-balls.

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

People remove tree stumps for a variety of reasons. A large stump is usually not a very attractive or desirable sight, so Grinding your stump out will not only improve the look & aesthetics of the landscape, it will also make it possible to plant a new tree and makes the grass easer to mow.  Stump grinding also discourages the growth of harmful fungi and poisonous mushrooms which can spread. Many tree stumps sprout shoots from there stumps, so it is necessary to grind them out.

  • How long does it take a tree stump to rot away if I leave it alone?
    • It really depends on five things: size, species, moisture levels (in shade vs sun), insect activity, fungi & mushroom growth and structure of the stump. For example, a 24” oak tree stump in a sunny yard might take 18 to 23 years to decompose naturally, whereas the same stump in a shady moist environment might take 14 -19 years to rot away. Just realize that it’s not a quick (or pretty) process.

Our machine was specially designed to fit through a 36 inch gate – that’s a standard-sized gate or opening so we can probably get through your gate without any problems

How Our Stump Grinder Removes a Stump

    • Our stump grinder has a large rapidly rotating cutting wheel with teeth that bites into the wood of the tree stump and shreds it into mulch. Operator controls the cutting depth of the Stump grinder by moving cutting wheel down & from side to side.  Once the stump has been ground, we push all the mulch back into the hole so there isn’t a hazardous crater. Some larger stumps will leave a mound of chips behind, mulch that can be used as landscape mulch.