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Winter Storm

24/7 Emergency Service

After an ice storm, be cautious as you assess any tree & shrub damage that may have occurred. If there is any major damage such as fallen trees or hanging limbs, or if you are unsure what to do, you should hire a professional.  >Contact Us or Walk-Up for a free consultation so that we can help. Heavy branches and limbs could fall at any moment. If they do fall, you risk immediate injury to yourself and your property. If a tree limb tears a phone or power line, you will need professional help. Downed wires have resulted in many fatalities. With the load of heavy ice, Trees are extremely brittle.  They can snap without  warning.

Keep a safe distance from larger trees, they can be extremely hazardous. A small shift of the weight can cause them to snap unexpectedly. If there is any major damage such as hanging limbs on trees, or if you are unsure what to do, you should hire a professional.  >Contact Us or Walk-Up for a free consultation so that we can help. Only professionals should take care of this kind of work. Deaths and injuries occur from people trying to do their own tree work.